This is how the new Andhra capital city is expected to be planned and designed !!

Andhra Pradesh government has sent a concept plan of the new capital to the centre. This was sent as part of the request for financial aid. The concept papers give us an inkling on how the capital is likely to be designed. Of course, this is only a concept on paper today and may change dramatically in the final version. As we know, the final version will be out only by June. So while waiting for the final copy, we can meanwhile take some pleasure in looking at the designs.

Here is the concept plan

New Andhra capital concept plan

This is how you can read the different zoning.

details of capital development plan

Deccan chronicle reports of the following will be part of the capital.

Andhra Pradesh’s capital will have a jungle safari, like the world famous one in Singapore. The concept note submitted by the AP government to the Centre also revealed that it would have a film city, sports city and a botanical garden.

Jungle Safari
The aim of the jungle safari is wild life conservation and to build an awareness centre for the people of the state and for tourists. It will have wild animals moving freely in natural surroundings and visitors will be able to watch them sitting in covered vehicles in a pollution free environment.

Film city
The Film City will have an integrated film studio complex with several recoding rooms, gardens, lakes, theaters and grounds. The government will provide facilities and concessions to the film industry to promote the culture of the state as besides being an entertainment industry, it also generates employment and showcases the state’s culture

Sports city
The Sports City shall be at national standards with facilities to train sports persons and also for organising state and national-level competitions

Botanical garden
Emphasis on the development of a botanical garden has been given to ensure conservation of the state’s rich fauna and flora. Water bodies shall be conserved and parks will be developed in the surrounding area, apart from river front developments. It will provide a medium of communication between botanical science and the general public.

You can also read Eenadu’s coverage on the issue.


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