whiff of jasmine by Samantha tammaAndhra Nation’s regular readers are familiar with her Telugu film reviews. Samantha Tamma, a regular film columnist on Andhra Nation has written and published her English poetry named – A Whiff of Jasmine. The e-book is published by Partridge India, a sister concern of Penguin.

So what is the fundamental idea of the poetry ? She hopes to introduce you too, to that fascinating place where love, nature and justice are all intertwined to be one.

In Samantha’s own words – “We are a set of busy people, we have lots to do from sending satellites into space, building smart cities with huge infrastructure at extraordinary pace, creating new avenues for energy and manufacturing goods by generating demand. While our success largely depends on these parameters, we must not forget that these all happen on a bedrock. They happen on the backdrop of nature, a lover’s kiss and the mother’s lullaby. Somewhere, sometime, when am busy meeting a deadline or a target, this backdrop appears to me like flashes of memories, a favorite background score or a “Whiff of Jasmine”.

You can buy this book on Amazon. See the following link.