Rohan MurthyRohan Murty is the son of NR Narayana Murty, the legendary founder of Infosys. In a path breaking initiative that aims to bring greatest literary works of India from the past two millennia to the largest readership in the world, Murty is creating the “Classical Library of India”. This library aims to reintroduce these classical works, a part of world literature’s treasured heritage, to a new generation.Story of Manu




Telugus should rejoice the news that Allasani Peddana’s Manu Charitra figures in the very first bunch of books that are now translated into English and is about to be appreciated by world readers. The translation is handled by Velcheru Narayana Rao and David Shulman. The library introduces the book as the following. ” The Story of Manu, by sixteenth-century poet Allasani Peddana, is the definitive literary monument of Telugu civilization and a powerful embodiment of the culture of Vijayanagara, the last of the great pre-modern south Indian states. It describes kingship and its exigencies at the time of Krishnadevaraya, Peddana’s close friend and patron.”

Andhra Nation Salutes this wonderful initiative taken by Rohan Murty, a worthy son of a legendary father.

translation of allasani peddana

velchuru narayana rao



Velcheru Narayana Rao taught Telugu and Indian literatures for thirty eight years at University of Wisconsin-Madison. He also taught at the University of Chicago, and is currently Visiting Distinguished Professor of South Asian Studies at Emory. He has written more than fifteen books, many of them in collaboration with David Shulman and Sanjay Subrahmanyam. Textures of Time: Writing History in South India, in collaboration with David Shulman and Sanjay Subrahmanyam, (New York: Other Press, 2003), Girls for Sale, Kanyasulkam: A Play form Colonial India ( Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2007), and How Urvasi Was Won, a translation of Kalidasa’s Vikramorvasiyam, in collaboration with David Shulman, (Clay Sanskrit Library, 2009), are among his recent works.





David Dean Shulman  is an Indologist and regarded as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the languages of India. His research embraces many fields, including the history of religion in South India, Indian poetics, Tamil Islam, Dravidian linguistics, and Carnatic music. Bilingual in Hebrew and English, he has mastered Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, and reads Greek, Russian, French,German, Persian, Arabic and Malayalam. He is married to Eileen Shulman (née Eileen Lendman) and has three sons, Eviatar, Micheal, and Edan