casinos in vizagAndhra Pradesh may become the next gaming and entertainment hub in the country, if the state government’s effort to start gaming centres in the capital region and Vizag, pays off. The state government  has signed a memorandum of understanding with UK-based Eros Investments Limited to set up a multi-billion dollar entertainment city at Vizag. READ for more details HERE.

It is expected to be the first of its kind entertainment city in the country, boasting of the  world’s best infrastructure. A major part of the project would be devoted to hospitality. There is speculation that many Goa-based firms are hoping to set up casinos in Vizag on the lines of Goa, though there is no official word about it from the state government.

The state government is  said to be planning a Rs 2,000 crore worth entertainment arena in the capital region near Tulluru too. The entertainment centre will have theatres, gaming zones, clubs and other  recreational centres for the people of the capital city and visitors. However, materialization of these projects are likely to take some years. Meanwhile, the state government plans to host several national sports championships in Vijayawada, Rajahmundry and Vizag.

AP certainly has the best opportunity to become a entertainment hub in the country. Blessed with the  longest coastline and several beaches, two big rivers and a truly good inland water transportation canal  ( Buckingham canal) all the government needs to do is make use of the coast. But do we really need casinos, the drugs and the gambling mafia that comes along with them ?? Goa has seen crime rates soaring recently. Do we want Vizag and Vijayawada to have these characteristics ?? The AP government really needs to apply its mind on this issue.