Gopala Gopala – the movie, the story, the remake, the original and my musings !!

By Samantha Tamma

I am an amateur and novice film reviewer – there are certain road blocks that I have not crossed till now. I get a strong sense of this feeling when am attempting to write anything about the recent – hot movie – Gopala Gopala (GG). Having watched Oh! My God (OMG) with lot of fervour and then a thoroughly enjoyed PK – leaves me in a clutter of God based films. GG is a film that is true to the original. No herogiri or hype at all. The decision to retain Mithun Chakravarthy is great – since I feel very few people could have carried out that role with that ease. The punch dialogues in the movie too have remained the same. So there is every chance that am reviewing OMG here instead of Gopala Gopala. I must learn how to get away from this confusion and if I can forget it for a while – We must appreciate Pawan and Venkatesh for choosing this subject for a remake. The latest trend in movies is not the Atheist vs. Spiritual but it is saying that the existing rules are somewhere a wrong no. In this perfect paradox it is God here who tries to help an honest Athiest. While the remake is very true to the original – they could have adapted it more to the Telugu audience in terms of our customs, traditions and practices than being very generic as in the Bollywood. That could have give the film a bit more nativity. The house decoration was very nicely done with a lot of authentic stuff. Sriya performed very well in her brief stint. Any person who has not seen the two above Hindi films must go and enjoy this court case.

gopala-gopala-andhra nationThe arguments about the milk, candles and blankets which is the most important conversation in the movie was somehow devoid of facts unlike the Hindi version which gives the numbers of employees dependent on temple. It comes out at a correct time when even Gods and their houses are understood in terms of revenue they bring as subsets to tourist centres. Tirupati being the richest.

Though Pawan has put together a very balanced act, his political shadow peeps in few dialogues like “late ga Ravadam”. After all – all our cine based politicians right from NTR to – Chiranjeevi in Tagore and Balakrishna in Legend must either be called God or must come as the saviour and messiah when an underprivileged calls out to God. So did the allari – bhamala venta thirigey – one man party – Jana Sena – thought he should play the strategist – Krishna? That still seems to be better than a Hero/God who comes up with an artistic chisel and shaves off some heads.

For whatever reasons the movie was brought about – the real hero is the dramatist who wrote the original simple script – kanji vs kanji and the beauty of that script is what should take you to the theatres.


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