mehair sea planes to VizagMEHAIR, India’s first seaplane services provider, is in talks with the Andhra Pradesh Government for launching of seaplane services off Visakhapatnam coast. The company, which launched India’s first mainland seaplane services from Mumbai to Pawna Dam and Mula Dam last year, has submitted a project report to the State Government, which is currently examining it.

Sea plane services are very helpful to boost tourism near lakes, sea beaches and other water bodies where connectivity by road, rail or air becomes tedious / cumbersome. In such cases, the traveller can take off from any normal airport and land right in the waters near his destination. These planes are amphibian and can both fly in air and sail on water. For further details, you can read an extensive report on Indian sea plane industry HERE. 

mehair to vizagIt has submitted similar proposals, though on a smaller scale, to the Telangana Government to launch a service for tourists from Hussain Sagar to Nagarjunasagar dam. “Typically, each of these projects would cost about Rs. 17 crore, including the cost of a single-engine, nine-seater seaplane at between Rs. 12 and Rs. 15 crore. The support infrastructure includes floating jetties and a boat to ferry passengers to the seaplane,” Siddharth Verma, co-founder and director of the company, told Business Line.

MEHAIR, which has operated in the Andaman and Nicobar islands for the last over three years, connecting various islands there, operates two Caravan Amphibian seaplanes. After Andaman and Maharashtra, the company is set to enter Goa. “We are almost ready for the Goa launch, which would happen next month,” he said.

These projects are part of its pan-India expansion, wherever suitable water bodies like lakes, rivers, beaches, backwaters and dam are located.