gopala-gopala-andhra nationJ.Vishnu Shankar

Some of you may feel that it is premature to announce, just a day after the release, that Gopala Gopala is a heartening success. But the initial trends indicate so and I will be very surprised if it does not finally translate into reality.

The success of Gopala Gopala augurs very well for the Telugu film industry on several counts.

1. For almost a year now, Telugu audience have been rejecting loud, violent action movies. It does not matter who the hero is. Remember the last few films of super stars like Mahesh Babu, Jr NTR, Ramcharan etc. They were carefully crafted “masala action films’ on whose success the heroes and their directors were very confident about. Except for the fact that the heroes and directors failed to understand that audience have moved away and do not want to see larger than life heroes anymore. Probably they need to read the book -Who moved my cheese – on how trends change. Many so-called ” family stories’ have become successful in the last year. This is indeed a welcome trend. Ever since “Samarasimha Reddy” released on the Sankranti day of 1999, Telugu films have been caught by this virus of violent villains and equally violent, loud , larger than life heroes. After a good 15 years, we can now celebrate the end of this horrible trend. Gopala Gopala is one of the few “big hero” films of recent times, which could get a “U” certificate from the censors. And this announces loud and clear that “U” certificate films can be blockbusters too !!

2. Multi starrers are now back. We had one 2 years ago which is Seetamma vaakitlo sirimalle chettu. Even though it was a success,  it seemed like a one-off case. Now with the success of Gopala Gopala, we may see many more. Remember the 60s and the 70s. We had many multi-starrers those days featuring the top 4 stars, NTR, ANR, Krsihna and Sobahn Babu. It is remarkable that while they were competitors, they were also co-operating with each other. The next gen heroes and their ” holier than thou” fans lost this art. It took a “gentleman” hero Venkatesh to bring this back. Kudos to him !! Can other younger heroes throw away their “larger than life” egos in the dust bin and agree to share screen space, if a good story comes along ? Let us face the fact. Their macho films are biting dust now and it is in their own interest that they sober down.