Indians architects want a slice of AP Capital pie. Object to roping in Singapore designers !!

coa objecting to singapore architectsThat Indians are half-baked capitalists has been proven once again. We Indians want to have the cake and eat it too. We want to compete with the world, only on our terms. We support globalization where it benefits us and oppose it where we are likely fall by the wayside.

These double standards are being exposed once again as there are reports that COA, Council for architecture, a national body representing India architects, want to oppose AP CM’s plans of roping in Singapore architects for building the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh. It is hiding behind an archaic 1972 law which explicitly prohibits any foreign architect and the central government, despite its keenness, has refused to open up the sector despite negotiations at the WTO.

In 2013, the Delhi high court had ruled that the approval granted by the Foreign Investment Promotion Board to RSP Architects, Planners and Engineers, a Singapore-based firm, was not in line with the law.This means that architects from a foreign country can be allowed to practice in India on a reciprocal basis if the professional qualifications are accepted or architects from either country clear the stipulated professional tests. For this to happen, CoA and its foreign counterpart have to come to an agreement.

And funnily, only a few countries such as • Australia • Germany • Switzerland • Russia • Ukraine • Uzbekistan • Nepal  have an agreemnet with CoA. And it does not come as a surprise that none of these 7 countries are known for any great modern architectural service industry, there by giving away the game of CoA of effectively blocking any foreign competition.

The following is a public notice by CoA issued in 2013 on such matters.


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