mukundaBy Samantha Tamma
Mukunda is not the routine – intro – interval bang – climax peak and happy ending kind of movie. It aspires to reach beyond and dares to be different. In fact it is not a story per se but is a slice of life. The beauty of it lies in the details and the thread links it branches out – though all of them may not be wrapped up in the end of the two and a half hours film. The fancy of drawing parallels with the iconic Mukunda was expressed by the director himself in the intro and the movie lives upto it.
Srikanth gives us a sense of our everyday in the movie. Let it be those scenes where a crooked politician’s innocent wife is praying for his victory, emotional speeches from very manipulative people, software craze in the youth or the Chattisgarh mining – Mukunda brings it all in the forefront. It is nice to see him use the Volvo bus as the mode of travel – trains being so abused in Telugu Cinema. The dialouges of Prakash Raj – might be too heavy for the movie – but some bit of attention tells us – that they are witty sarcasms on every one of us. “Bharistham – baristam”
mukunda 2The desire to make telugu alive again is definitely there somewhere in the backdrop of the movie. All scientific terms in Telugu are used to express human emotions. The movie clearly states that the battle of justice is a battle of wits and we need someone to take it up. It is all the more clear when a pawn in the hands of Rao Ramesh says – I hate for what you did to me, but can’t stop appreciating your mind. Ekkada Kottalo Akkada kotteru.
The hero is not the one – who creates a parallel to the system, who fights 100 goons and breaks into some extraordinary body movements in the name of dance. The hero here too fights – but in the larger view – understands the reality, deals with it and changes it. Mukunda has the conviction that 5 people will win against 100 for those 5 are truthful. The whole movie is an attempt by the director to drive this Point home with two more points:
1. Chaduvukunna Vadu – needs to have the guts to say a spade a spade.
2. One need not have reasons to help a friend
The dialouges, the way the election campaign is directed and Rao Ramesh stand as very big plus points to the movie. A sense of broken narrative and the absolute silence between the hero and heroine keeps the audience wanting for more. Sequences where Rao Ramesh takes Arghyam while trying to get Mukunda drowned, the interval dialouges and Gopikamma song are extremely well done. Songs of sirivennela are a bonus to the script. In fact it is one of those rare audios these days where – all songs in the album are bearable with few very good ones. However – I feel the visuals of the songs don’t live upto the saahithyam  (barring Gopikamma).
 The fact that Mukunda is running in packed screens 10 days after the release tells about the movie. However you can enjoy more only if you go with a an open mind and very less expectations. Mukunda is a different kind of Hero.