Disgusting and shameful that Andhra politics are still stuck in the old mould

ap capital villages burntJ. Vishnu Shankar

It is extremely disheartening to know that some unidentified miscreants had set on fire banana nurseries in six villages spread across 20 acres in the Tullur and Tadepalli mandals of Guntur district where the proposed capital of Andhra Pradesh is coming up. The incidents took place in the six villages that are about a km or two away from one another.

There is a blame game between the two principal political parties of the state and that is the worst part of the episode and more shameful than the act itself. But before we speculate, let us look at the probable scenarios.

  • Scenario 1: As being alleged by YSRCP, overzealous members of the ruling Telugu Desam establishment are behind the act with the sole aim of terrorizing those farmers unwilling to hand over their lands. If indeed true, this would be extremely myopic and would deal a death blow to the government’s efforts of completing the land pooling process as amicably as possible. Is this what the TDP, its government and its CM really want ?
  • Scenario 2: As being alleged by TDP, YSRCP members have done this in order to sensationalise the whole issue of capital land pooling and would want to derive political advantage. Again, if indeed true, this would project YSRCP in extremely poor light and would result in all sane people disassociating from YSRCP.
  • Scenario 3: None of the two principal political parties are behind this but this could be the handiwork of some highly agitated farmers, who unable to wage a direct confrontation with the governemnt’s might, have taken up this surreptitious and heinous route of protest. This looks unlikely as this would amount to a kind of terrorism. And my experience with the people of the area tells me that people here can vociferously raise a voice of dissent rather than resort to this kind of a hidden secret crime.

That still leaves the issue with other possibilities. One of them being old clashes between farmer groups. Some of them would have made use of these volatile times so that personal feuds can be camouflaged as a capital land pooling issue. But one can only hope and pray, that the government immediately brings the culprit to book, whatever their political association may be. If nothing, this incident shows that there are still some elements in Andhra politics who want to settle debates, not by sane arguments, but by terrorizing force.

Down with all those anti social elements!! Common citizens and people too should focus on the crime and the criminal and not go by the colour of his political affiliation.


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