Marked increase in conversions to Christianity in AP during the rule of an Ex-CM – Notes Mohandas Pai in Economic Times

In a blunt article in today’s Economic times, well known ex-infosian Mohandas Pai has noted there was a marked increase in the conversion to Christianity in AP as a result of targeted activities of evangelical groups during an ex -CMs tenure. Though Pai has not named the CM, it is not difficult to imagine who the  “now deceased Chief Minister whose son-in-law is a Pastor” is. 

conversion issues in indiaIn his words, “Andhra Pradesh, particularly the interiors, Hyderabad and the coastal regions, has been specifically targeted due to the red carpet laid by a now deceased Chief Minister whose son-in-law is a Pastor with his own outfit. The visible impact across this region to any observer shows clearly that a huge amount of money has come in and that there is targeted conversion going on. Some evangelical groups have claimed that 9-12% of undivided AP has been converted, and have sought special benefits from the State (which has been reported in the media).”

In the raging controversy that has gripped the nation on the conversion issue, induced conversions by religious groups is bound to come under greater scrutiny. READ the full Economic Times article HERE.

You can also download a pdf of the article HERE.


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