new projects in godavari districts

Godavari districts are attracting  large number of industries mainly food processing units, paper, ceramics, glass and others given the availability of raw material and man power involving several thousands of crores of rupees. In West Godavari alone, 10 projects at a cost of Rs 2,000 crore are in the pipeline.

  • A shrimp processing unit at a cost of Rs 120 crore is coming up at Bhimavaram with 100 per cent export potential to several European countries. The promoters are trying for the grant from the Centre for setting up the project and 30 plots are to be developed for developing food parks and processing units with a total investment on the entire project expected to be about Rs 200 crore.
  • A paper mill coming up at a cost of 1600 crore near Kovvur got the term loan sanctioned recently.
  • A glass making unit meant to make containers at a cost of 1600 crore is making arrangements to ground the project in between Bhimadole and Kovvur and they are awaiting allocation of gas supply.
  • As many as four ceramic units at a total cost of Rs 320 cr are coming up and out of them one unit started execution of the project at Dwaraka Tirumala and works worth about 70 cr were already executed.
  • Johnson tiles making unit is also being setting up and its management is importing a part of raw material from China and looking for huge market potential in the country. Experts say that unlike earlier days where the investment in setting up marginal and major units used to be relatively low, the cost is getting escalated.

Source: Deccan Chronicle