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Vizag's expected development plan
Vizag’s expected development plan

Citizens of Vizag were disappointed when the region around Vijayawada was declared as the capital of Andhra Pradesh. But the CM, Chandrababu Naidu had demonstrated his commitment to the development of the city amply in the last few months. Now there is confidence that Vizagites need not be disheartened and several things are happening. Here is a look of what are coming up in the city. Taking these developments into consideration, we also present a map of the future development of the city. New developments are coming up broadly in the north and south.

 For those of you who would like the help of a map, it is given HERE.( Click to Zoom)

North – Vizianagaram Road (both along the highway and the beach)

It looks as if the northern stretch will be more for education / entertainment and pollution free industrial development

  1. EROS entertainment and film city with an investment of Rs 60,000 cr. Probable location Kapuluppada and Bheemunipatnem beach road stretch. READ further details HERE.
  2. IIM at Gambhheram. READ further details HERE.
  3. National Law university at Sabbavaram. READ the report HERE.
  4. IT corridor at Madhurawada. READ more details HERE.

South – Atchyutapauram- Pudimadaka – S.Rayavaram- Nakkapalli

The Southern stretch will be more for hard industrial development and for heavy industries. This will also form part of the PCPIR, which is the Vizag – Kakinada petroleum products corridor.

  1. Naval base at Rambilli – READ more details HERE. 
  2. NTPC power plant and Asian Paints factory at Pudimadaka. This area, south of the steel plant, also has several heavy industries and other institutions like BARC etc.
  3. Proposed airport at S.Rayavaram. This proposal is still to be cleared by Navy. This may also come up at Bhogapuram in the north. But Navy also holds major chunk of lands there. So in effect, Navy will decide the exact location.
  4. Government also has the major chunk of land availability for future industrial development in this south stretch only. It has 6940 acres at Nakkapalli and 4702 acres at Atchyutapuram readily available for industries (where as it only has around 690 acres in the northern stretch at Pydibheemavaram).

So anyone wanting to buy real estate for either investment / a house for living will have to look at this future map carefully. It goes like this.

  1. If you want to buy a house and settle down for a peaceful life, buy in the centre of the city.
  2. If you think your profession has something to do with education / entertainment or Information Technology, you may buy near Madhurawada, Anadapuram, Gambheeram, Bhogapuram etc. You can also look at areas like Pendurti, Sabbavaram, Simhachalam etc
  3. If you are an engineer by profession and are likely to work in heavy industries or factories, the southern side on the national highway after Gajuwaka, Lankelapalem etc will be ideal.
  4. Pl remember that in about 10 years, Vizag will stretch from Vizianagaram till Nakkapalli which is almost 80-90 kms. And that will be a really long distance. Hence the need to align your needs to the city’s future development potential.