Forbes’ Celebrity list 2014 – Mahesh Babu tops among South Indian actors !!

mahesh-babu tops forbes list of south indian actors

Mahesh Babu tops the list of South Indian Actors

Forbes has published its India celebrity list of 2014. The rankings are arrived at taking into account a combination of earnings and  fame. While earnings are Forbes’ estimates ( which are very close to reality taking into account Forbes’ experience in these matters) fame is calculated on the basis of a number of factors like 1)number of endorsements 2) total number of advertisements featured both in print and electronic media 3) following on social networks like Twitter, Facebook etc 4) number of times they appear in media coverage etc.

Here are a few  broad details

  1. Salman Khan overtakes SRK to occupy the No 1 slot
  2. Amitabh is at No 2 and SRK at No 3
  3. Out of top 10, there are 7 Bollywood stars and 3 cricketers.
  4. AR Rehman at No13 is the South Indian topper.
  5. Mahesh Babu at No 30 is topmost South Indian actor. But based on earnings alone, with 51 cr income, he is the 14th highest celebrity and No 1 South Celebrity ( behind  10 Bollywood stars and 3 cricketers). Rehman follows him closely with Rs 50 cr income.
  6. Vijay (41), Rajnikanth (45), Ajith (51), Pawan Kalyan (74), Dhanush (78) and Allu Arjun (80) are the other south Indian actors in the top 100 list.
  7. Surprising to see that other prominent south Indian actors like Kamal Hasan, Surya, Ramcharan Teja, Jr NTR, Mammootty, Mohan Lal etc do not feature in the list. Chiranjeevi is not considered as he has not been acting for over 6 years and is no more listed as a “Celebrity” but a politician.
  8. AR Murugadas (39) and Prabhudeva (88) are the only two south Indian directors in the list.
  9. Telugu speaking Mumbai cricketer Rohit Sharma is at No 50.
  10. Vidya Balan( 61) and Hemamalini (83) feature in the list but they represent Bollywood and not South cinema.

You can see the full report below (Click to Zoom for better view)

Forbes celebrity list-page-001

Forbes celebrity list-page-002


Forbes celebrity list-page-003


Forbes celebrity list-page-004


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