The times when the foremost yoga guru taught yoga-sutras in Mysore in Telugu

tkvd 2By Samantha Tamma

While the erstwhile Madras Presidency is split into many states, the Telugu speaking people have the great distinction of fighting for states – twice. Once for United Andhra and then for Telangana. The impossible quest for differentiating, can never leave the argumentative Indian. In the light of the great news that “world Yoga Day” is approved by 170 countries, Indians are debating between old – authentic yoga and power yoga.

In relation to the above context of fighting for linguistic and regional identities, we must recall – Krishnamacharya, the father of modern yoga who travelled all the way to the foothills of Nepal to learn yoga and yet taught yoga to a foriegn woman (those were the times when both foreigners and women were not supposed to inherit knowledge). He is one of the teachers to famous gurus like – BKS Iyengars and Pattabhi Jois. He though being a Tamilian, taught in Mysore and wrote all the important yoga sutras in Telugu script and Sanskrit diction. So, any one who really wants to understand TK, MUST KNOW TELUGU.

tkvd 1

We present here the excerpts about India’s foremost yoga Guru, who united all of south India

but wrote his texts in Telugu.





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