East Vizag colonies to host different colour flower trees – A novel feast to the senses !!

flower trees in east vizag
Colonies of Vizag East constituency MVP Colony, CBM Compound, Pedda Waltair, Kirlampudi Layout, Adarshnagar and Faccor Layout will soon become the jewel in the crown of Vizag’s residential localities. 
The roads passing through these localities will reflect a myriad of colours in the near future. Government authorities are planting colourful flowering plants in each of the colonies as per a colour scheme developed with the help of Sun Ray Village Resort.
While the city witnessed a massive sapling plantation drive on November 17, in which about 70,000 saplings were planted across the city, some pits dug for the plantation purpose were left open in a few colonies of Vizag East constituency, which  left many people agitated. However, these open pits will be filled in the coming week by planting flowering trees in them.
Greater Vizag Municipal Corporation horticulture assistant director, M. Damodhar Rao, said, “The MLA of Vizag East constituency showed interest in planting various colourful flowering plant species in his constituency. For this purpose, we consulted the resort and they developed an area-wise colour scheme for the purpose.” Vizag advert no change
Mr Rao added, “The forest department is procuring the required saplings. The process got a little delayed but, will soon be started with district heads of various departments responsible for overseeing ward-wise plantation.”
Raja Babu of Sun Ray Village Resorts helped in development of the colour scheme. The colours will range from bright yellow in CBM compound to violet, orange and bright red for various sectors in MVP Colony. In some areas, saplings of firm-rooted tree species like Bogada and Alstonia Scholaris, which grow large with dark green leaves, will be planted to line the colony streets.

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