Maa TV serials

By Samantha Tamma

The TAM ratings for the 46th week have been released. For those who are not updated on this issue, the measurement of a TV channel’s success in TRPs is now over and the new standard is in TVT (Television Viewership in Thousand) and GVT (Gross Viewership in Thousand). In Telugu Industry for the past couple of weeks Maa TV has remained in the Top with 109503 GVTs followed very closely by Gemini with 90729 GVTs (as given in So the two entertainment channels get a whopping 20 crore gross views in a week from 8 crore population.
Now what do the channels offer? The Telugu serials are standing examples of creative decadence.
  • If in the mid and late nineties, the series were flooded with Tamil dubbed serials, the winds have blown towards Hindi this time. Maa TV offers – SIX series everyday which are a direct dub from Star Plus, Colours and Life OK.
  • Gemini which is the hallmark of Tamil dub too has taken Bairi piya dub from colours to telecast.
  • The remaining telugu serials are bizarre family drama, with the sister in law trying to kill the new bahu, friends turning out bitter rivals and attempting murders, marital problems, extra marital affairs etc, etc.
  • The Non-fiction series are all the more worse, with stupid games like – maa mahalakshmi, pattukuntey pattu cheera and a mindless program that “gives away gold to children for guessing a heroin” based on her features.
  • Meelo evaru Koteeswarulu too is an American serial remake taking a complete trickle down effect from Hindi to Telugu.
  • Barring few Bhakti serials and singing competitions there is hardly any space for the sensible viewer.
The real question “Is the industry telecasting what the Audience want or are the viewers bombarded with material that gives Advertisements, Movie Promos by stars, big palatial buildings, flashy dresses and rolled gold jewelry?” Do they have a single survey (on net/ mobile or paper) that asks what kind of series do the audience want? I feel a 20 crore views dragged into repressively dark ages by watching these serials.The Hindi screen which is almost the same still attempts to be different by airing serials like – Everest, Na bole tum and Ajeeb Daasta. I wish the TV companies ask the Audience “What do they want to see?”