Pilla nuvvu leni jeevitham movie review – Another “Mega family” routine dish !!

Reviewed by Samantha Tamma

Another branch in the Mega Family wants an opening and so comes a movie. Three fourths of the movie is over and still everything is predictable and mundane. There seems to be a heavy influence of Arya in the movie. The way the hero dresses, the love track just at first sight and the train chase and rescue scenes are all somewhere seen in many movies. Yet the director fails in establishing the eccentricities of the Hero before he does so much for the Heroine.

Jagapathi Babu is wasted and it feels as though his session ends abruptly. The life in the Movie is the last 30 minutes where the movie makes a parody of the news anchors, the news programs and the viewer surveys.  Regina is good in her glam part and the music is average. Some Poori – idly dialogues and corporate college intro are better portions in the first half.

Watch it only if you are a “Mega family” fan !!

pilla nuvvu leni jeevitham review


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