Rowdy fellow film Review – Tries to rise above the ordinary

Reviewed by Samantha Tamma

Corruption is not the enemy that our Telugu movie heroes fight against anymore. They take advantage of it and Fight the Goons. If Baldev Sahai is the Guru – the Rowdy Fellow is the Shishya. “Puranaalanni ego problems” Every dialogue is a punch heavily loaded with the attitude that a CM relative can carry. It will still make you empathize but not criticize. That is the beauty of the movie.

Only Talluri Rameshwari of Nijam fame can give that slap in the movie. Issues of environment, politics and NGOs are portrayed in the background with a very well-crafted editorial sense. They make you feel their presence very heavily but still don’t disclose much. Will two people be murdered and a death hushed up only for giving lesser wages to fishermen in the community of Kolleru? It is left to the imagination of the people watching the movie. Still, the movie is not about a system – it is about human emotions and responsibilities.

The music was a success even before the release of the movie and is a very big plus. The coming of age awareness in the character played by the hero is well developed. Dialouges about swecha and peda vaadu add the weights where necessary. Please watch the movie if you like meaningful cinema. The theatrical trailers give a true sense – if you need a demo.



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