The new state of Andhra Pradesh is taking a bold new turn. The vision laid out by AP CM Chandrababu Naidu lays out bare the fact that the state will take a new direction to development that has not been seen in any state in India in the last 67 years. In view of this it is clear that the following areas will be the priority of the state government.

  1. Infrastructure creation like creation of rail and road networks, ports, airports, building power plants, water ways etc
  2. Extensive industrialization with the setting up industrial parks which will attract a variety of industries
  3. Building higher education institutes and skill development institutes
  4. Creating IT specific corridors in Vizag and Tirupati

new jobs in andhra pradesh

So it does seem that Andhra youth need not run behind only IT and software jobs any more. Multiple options in diverse fields will emerge in the next few years. In this connection read this Deccan Chronicle report on where the job opportunities will arise.

New job opportunities in andhra pradesh