Hyderabad ITIR, Vizag ITIR, Tirupati ITIR … What are these ITIRs all about ??

Telugus have been hearing about these ITIRs ( Information technology investment region)  for more than a year now. Just before the bifurcation, the then central cabinet had cleared Hyderabad ITIR proposal and KCR had extensively marketed this term during the election campaign. His pitch was simple. He said ITIR will bring in 2 lac crores of investment to Hyderabad in the next 20 years. As a result of this, he said, 30-50 lacs new jobs will be created in Hyderabad. He went on to add further that after the completion of ITIR, Hyderabad will become better than USA in software and China in hardware. You can see his youtube video here. Now AP too joined the bandwagon and CM Naidu has declared setting up of ITIRs in Vizag and Tirupati. In fact Eenadu carried a report today saying that Vizag ITIR is shaping up fast. READ the Eenadu report HERE. However, Andhra Jyothy reports that the AP plans have been sent back by the centre. See it here.


Eenadu carried another report on 29th November’2014 carrying further details of Visakhapatnam ITIR.  Read this HERE. 


Vizag ITIR a non-starter

For starters, ITIR is a central government sponsored development initiative in which an area is developed to specifically attract IT related industries. As per the guidelines, while the state governments are expected to notify and acquire the land, the centre will provide the required infrastructure like rail and road network, telecommunications etc.

There has been considerable interest and curiosity among the general public about ITIRs and the kind of potential for growth they offer. Many newspaper/ TV channel reports just hype up the whole concept (just one example here on you tube) and mislead people regarding the real possibilities. The Hyderabad ITIR project is yet to take any concrete shape after receiving so much media attention. READ the Deccan Chronicle report HERE dated 8th Nov, 2014

What we would like our readers to know is that ITIRs are very long gestation projects because of the scale on which they are visualized. Andhra Nation would like to bring forth the following points.

  1. Bangalore was the first city to come up with an ITIR proposal on 10,000 acres way back in 2004 itself. After all these years, it is making very slow progress and will at least take another 5-7 years to make any head way. Read What is happening to ITIR, Devanahalli, Bangalore on our sister blog Crorepati Homes
  2. ITIRs will need tremendous amount of work from the state governments in terms of land acquisition etc. Ineffective state administrations will simply not be able to make it happen.
  3. Since these are IT specific, any change in the fortunes of the IT industry globally will affect the viability of these projects.
  4. Most importantly, is there scope for so many ITIRs to come up?? And if Bangalore, with all its IT prowess can not make it a success, do places like Hyderabad, Vizag and Tirupati stand any chance ??

Only time will answer these questions. Till such time, follow these ITIR stories with a healthy dose of skepticism.

itir vizag tirupati bangalore hyderabad


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