30,000 acres most of which in Tullur mandal, Guntur district to host Andhra’s new capital

The Andhra Pradesh government has finally declared that it will build the new capital city in 30,000 acres in about 17 villages, all of which are in Guntur district. Out of this 14 villages are in Tullur mandal and the other 3 are in Mangalagiri mandal. The government has also clarified that all the 30,000 acres will be accumulated in the process of land pooling from farmers and that the distrcict collecter and joint collectors have been entrusted with the job of speaking to the farmers on this issue.

Out of the 30,000 acres almost half the land ( ie 15,000 acres ) will be used for construction of road network / parks/ common amenities/ water bodies etc. Another 7,000 -8,000 acres will be given back as compensation for the farmers. The constructed area, all of which will be used only for creating government administration infrastructure, will be only in about 20-25 % of the land. You can see further details in the following Eenadu report.( You can zoom on it for better view)

Tullur mandal map guntur district andhra pradesh new capital area


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