P.Sainath (for his reporting in The Hindu), Al Jazeera English, USA Today and Global Post were among the winners of the World Media Summit (WMS) Global Awards for Excellence, 2014.

These are the first comprehensive news awards covering multiple media formats, including press, photo, video and integrated media to honour “truth, objectivity and excellence” in journalism, according to a release. Mr. Sainath won the Public Welfare Award for Exemplary News Professionals in Developing Countries, while Al Jazeera English received the Public Welfare Award for Exemplary News Teams in Developing Countries.

P.Sainath wins world media summit award

News professionals who found honourable mentions were: Meera Srinivasan, TheHindu’s Sri Lanka correspondent; Surendra Paudel of Nepal Republic Media Private Limited, Nepal; Tan EE Long of Nanyang, Malaysia; Sheuli Akter of Ns NewsWire, Bangladesh; and Adow Jubat of The Standard Group Limited, Kenya. The honourable mentions for news teams were: This Week in Palestine; Truth vs. Hype, New Delhi Television Limited; Rural Damascus, Al Jazeera and Outlook India.

Under the Media Innovation Award, the USA Today emerged winner for its story ‘Behind the Bloodshed’ (The Untold Story of America’s Mass Killings). The honourable mentions in this category were: ‘Sea Change: The Pacific’s perilous turn’, Seattle Times; Live Blog of Israel-Gaza conflict, Haaretz, Israel; 3D Animated Videographics, AFP; ‘The Change for Health’ App, The Standard Group Limited, Kenya and ‘Putin’s Q&A’, Russia Today.

The Award for New Media Reporting was won by Global Post of the United States for its story ‘Myanmar Emerges’. The honourable mentions were: ‘Chicago Under the Gun’, Chicago Tribune; ‘Meteorite hits Russian Urals’, Russia Today; ‘Privacy and Information Security’, Al Jazeera; ‘Overdose’, ProPublica, US and ‘Mandela: The Father of the Rainbow Nation’, Al Jazeera.