Reviewed by Samantha Tamma

Oka Laila Kosam is an attempt to be projected as a cool youthful love story. It starts off great with the Hero portraying an existential angst, but all trips down into some routine. Not that love at first sight is new to us, we have seen it right from Premadesam to Arya, “Em maya Chesave, Surya – s/o Krishnan” and other movies.

But where the movie miserably fails is despite the expressive Hero and some heart touching scenes, the movie does not evoke depth and intensity. Infact the audience can empathise more with the girl saying a no than the guy pursuing for a yes. The pre climax bang of the hero voluntarily side parting too should have been dealt with more depth. The father – son thread that began in the beginning of the movie too is discontinued abruptly in the end. You leave the hall with a feeling, that there could have been more to this.

Ali’s performance is as usual and the lead actress did a good job. Naga Chaitanyas role in the first 10 minutes of Manan trying to convince Samantha is any day better than Karthik convincing Nandu. However, the star sequence, birds connection and narratives of novel remain a plus for the movie.

Being unable to stop comparing oka Laila Kosam with Paathashala – another off beat youthful telugu movie, the weights undoubtedly fall towards Paathshaala. The road not taken dilemma, the issues of love are dealt with much more sensitivity and aesthetics in the latter.
Crux – watch it if you want to see a light love story