Naidu’s response to Hudhud far better than USA’s response to Katrina !!

We praise the west for everything. We take it granted that they are far better than us. And when it comes to USA, Americans are our heroes. But take a closer look, our politicians and administrators are actually heads and shoulders better than their counterparts in the USA. If someone needs an introduction to the trail of destruction that Hudhud left behind, here it is. Only on the electricity front, tens of sub-stations and hundreds of transformers were destroyed. 50,000 (yes, fifty thousand) electric poles were uprooted. It practically meant that three complete districts were to be re-wired again for the power supply to become normal. 

The inference is simple. Chandrababu’s Naidu’s government response is far more prompt and professional than his counterparts. We should congratulate him and ourselves. After all when we are strident in our criticism when our politicians mess up things, should we not praise them wholeheartedly, when they offer us exemplary administration? Here is a table of what happened during Hurricane Katrina (USA, 2005) and Hudhud (India 2014).

Hurricane Katrina -2005 (USA)


Very Severe Cyclone HudHud -2014 (India)

Category 5 intensity

Category 4 intensity

Max wind speed of 280kmph

Max wind speed of 215 kmph

1833 persons dead

Only 24 dead


Damage and destruction


  • Almost three million people went without electricity. It took more than a week to light the first bulb.
  • Most of the major roads traveling into and out of the New Orleans were damaged and it took more than a week to get them back for transport
  • Most of the windows on the north side of the Hyatt Regency New Orleans had been blown out, and many other high rise buildings had extensive window damage.
  • In Mississippi 90% of the structures within half a mile of the coastline were completely destroyed. One apartment complex with approximately thirty residents collapsed


 Damage and destruction


  • 3 million people without electricity. Many parts of Vizag get power on the 3 rd day.
  • Most of the major roads traveling into and out of the Vizag were damaged and it took just 2 days to get them back for transport
  • Most of the windows of the beach road hotels and malls in Vizag had been blown out, and many other buildings had extensive window damage.
  • But no structure was completely destroyed and no apartment complex collapsed.

Law and Order

  • There were reports of large scale looting, carjacking, murders, thefts and rapes in New Orleans
  • Police had a tough time controlling miscreants. “They have M16s and are locked and loaded. These troops know how to shoot and kill and I expect they will,” Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco said.


 Law and Order

  • Vizag was an oasis of peace. Its citizens proved to the world that they are far more cultured compared to the citizens of New Orleans.
  • Police too helped in getting the essential supplies restored. Law and order was never an issue.

Government response


Wikipedia states, “There was mismanagement and lack of leadership in the relief efforts in response to the storm and its aftermath. More specifically, the criticism focused on the delayed response to the flooding of New Orleans, and the subsequent state of chaos in the Crescent City. The neologism Katrinagate was coined to refer to this controversy, and was a runner-up for “2005 word of the year”


 Government response


Chandrababu Naidu’s government delivered a perfect, prompt and highly professional response to the calamity. No newspaper, no news channel and not even opposition leaders had anything to criticize. If anything, this model is likely to become the future rule book for disaster management.


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