Reviewed by Samantha Tamma
With big budget movies hopelessly sticking to the formula and cliches, it is only in small films we can expect a bit of art and creativity in Tollywood. In this sense, for us “small Is beautiful”. DCR falls in this gamut.

One of the boldest takes on extra marital affairs – as discussed in the Audio release – in a bitter fait accompli, the father and son love the same woman. Ajay plays the role of a father – suffering from a serious mid life crisis on the romantic front. He was married at 17 and was a father at 19. He is in a horrible chase NOW @ 36 for the youth he missed. His son is 19 and entered The teen age Love Group officially. What happens further has to be seen in the movie and is well captured.
Ali’s role as a comedian is wasted and Brahmaji’s track is enjoyable. Naga Shaurya is very good. Performing poojas, nomus and vratas is superstition and rules of oppression for some feminists, it is innocence, belief and above all faith (which is often blind! ) for some culturalists. Indraja’s presence speaks more than her acting. She personifies this faith on screen. Ragging scenes and Shauryas relation with Indraja are well portrayed with no much senti dialogues.
A good watch, a change from routine with no big expectations. A man in 40s having an affair is not new to our society. The concept of father and son competing for youth exists since the mythical times of Yayati – a yadu king asking his sons to take his old age. But what we have to wait and see is if the Telugu Audience boldly accept this kind of a story line. Kind of warning message/ moral story to aged men trying to be youthful.