Loukyam Movie Review – No great shakes but doesn’t punish you for buying a ticket

Reviewed by Samantha Tamma

If a movie is all about, entertainment, entertainment and entertainment, in Tollywood we interpret it as – Glam quotient, Comedy and Punch Retorts. Loukyam falls short on none of these. The movie is all the way a no brainer – lot of fun stuff with Venky’s (Gopi Chand’s) loukyam dialogues bringing a smile on the face once in every five minutes. The post interval story is quite predictable repeating the age old formula of DDLJ, Bombai priyudu or Ready.

Loukyam-andhra nation


The parody of Boiling Babloo – comes as a counter balance to the monotony and breathes life. The Big Screen’s reality check on the Small screen is enjoyable. All other characters and songs do their routine job. Brahmi is much better in this than in Aagadu.

Crux: If you are not the thinking type, you can enjoy some comedy scenes and come back, with no goons, violence and emotional hatyachaar


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