By Samantha Tamma

Aagadu (He won’t stop!). Yes he did not stop.

In the first half he did not stop from throwing a dialogue even before you savour the one before – they were enjoyable of course – at a very fast pace. In the second half, he did not stop until he bored me to death. Aagadu shows the depths to which Telugu commercial cinema has fallen to. It  also gives us an inkling on what the directors ( or the producers/ lead actors) think about the audience. The confidence they exuded on the likely success of the film prior to its release, just shows how completely they are disconnected with the audience’s tastes.

The story is just a rehash of several other films of the same format we had seen before. An upright hero meets a cruel villain and they challenge each other by the interval time. Post interval, comedians take over and even the hero and the villain get reduced to the status of comedians.  Stars and their histrionics do not matter in such movies. Heroines are, of course, as have always been, mere frame fillers.

Agadu-andhra nation


Mahesh is charming but that does not help., After the failure of ‘1’ good movie, he decided to  mock Telugu audience for their taste  and throw on their face what they liked – Dookudu – with only ‘1’ difference. If Dookudu was a revenge saga of a son for a father, Aagadu is a revenge saga for an elder brother. Even the concept of repeating the reason for Mahesh killing a person – makes you wonder, why are you sitting there. A new realization too, dawns regarding Brahmanandam. After seeing Tollywood trends in the last few years, now we know that he comes only in second half and the movie’s downfall begins from the moment you spot him on the screen.

Crux: Punch dialogues in the first half, comedy and KBC scenes are good. If you enjoy watching Mahesh on screen – please see the pre interval movie and leave.

PS: Mahesh – Please make ‘1’ more movie for those of us who liked it and keep all those directors, who know only to repeat themselves, at a distance.