The suspense over the location of the new capital for Andhra Pradesh has ended, but the next question  as to where exactly is the capital going to be located is still unanswered. This is because the capital is going to be near and around Vijayawada and not “At Vijayawada”.

Eenadu in its latest report carries the details of government lands available in Krishna and Guntur districts. More importantly it also carries another report on the proposed government survey of lands available on the banks of Krishna river.

Read the Eenadu report HERE. 

This further lends credence to the speculation that the capital will be designed as a river facing city. We had earlier reported that Amaravati has been a strong contender. The latest reports further strengthen the feeling. READ our earlier report on Amaravati HERE.

We had also stated in one of our earlier reports the road network planned around the Andhra Capital Region. Read it HERE.