The Sivaramakrishnan committee specially appointed for the selection of the new capital for residuary Andhra Pradesh has submitted a 187 page memorandum to the Union Home Ministry. We are awaiting the official publicc release of the document and will upload the same here as and when it is available.

The main highlights of the committee’s report are appended below:

  • It is justified to give special category status for Andhra Pradesh to help the state in economic deficit.
  • SDC should be approached soon to grant special sop to Andhra Pradesh
  • The area between Vijayawada-Guntur may impose threat for the economy to the state, apart from creating environmental degradation
  • Rs 1536 cr required for the provision of basic amenities in the capital region
  • The ring road near VGTM may increase the land rates beyond limit, apart from a heavy threat imposed to fertile lands
  • There is no mandatory rule the High Court should be located at the same place where there are assembly and secretariat. Committee reminded of the fact that many states have such a situation in this milieu.
  • High court should be established in Visakhapatnam and a special bench for Rayalaseema should also be established
  • Rajbhavan needs 15 acres land
  • Assembly Bhavan needs 80-100 acres land
  • Suggested for the establishment of CM, Ministers, Offices, Secreteriart near VGTM. All these need 20 acres land
  • Near VGTM only 1,458 acres land is available while the capital needs 10,00 acres.
  • Land acquisition will take 3-4yrs and the land acquisition on the present market rates is a costly affair. The land rates have been increased at Vijayawada & Guntur.
  • Capital and development should be decentralised.
  • Nuzvid, Musunur, Amaravtahi, Pulichintala can be utilised for few government offices.
  • There should be a definite strategy for equal development of all districts
  • The backward areas should be developed with basic amenities and educational institutions.
  • Government offices should be distributed in all 13 districts.
  • The domestic and foreign investments should be development oriented.
  • The quarters for the staff of various departments should be scattered at many places.
  • All IT related industries should be established in Visakhapatnam.
  • CMO and Secretariat can be established at Nuzivid, Gannavaram, Musunur.