Hyderabad real estate transactions fall by a whopping 27% in H1 -2014, says Knight Frank

Transnational real estate services firm Knight frank says that Hyderabad residential real estate transactions have fallen by a whopping 27% in H1 -2014 ( Jan – June 2014). The report also suggests that the acrimonious and bitter division of the state seems to have taken a toll on the sentiments of home buyers in this city.

You can read the knight frank report here. HYD real estate sales down by a whopping 27% -Says Knight Frank

Today’s Eenadu has also carried a summaray of the Knight Frank report. You can read the Eenadu report here in Telugu. Eenadu report on HYD realty


Our sister blog ” Crorepati Homes” has predicted dire prospects for realty in Hyderabad as early as March of this year. In a item titled ” Chennai is down !! Hyderabad is out !! Bangalore is now the clear Super star”, we had predicted that while Chennai may have other problems related to future prospects, Hyderabad is bound to face huge hurdles because of the acrimonious split of the state. You can read the same HERE.


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