Chandrababu’s straight question to RBI Governer – when you can reschedule 1000s of crs to Corporates, why not to farmers ?

Andhra Jyothy reports that CM Naidu had a straight question to RBI Governer, Mr Raghuram Rajan. When RBI is allowing banks to reschedule thousands of crores which are payable by corporate sector, why this discrimination on farmers ? RBI has been very disinterested in the farm loan waiver schemes of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and has been creating hurdle after hurdle in approving the same. While RBI’s concerns are legitimate as they are worried that an approval to these states will result in several other states in asking for the same, it is also well known, that RBI has been allowing banks including (public sector banks)  in rescheduling loans to corporates citing sluggish economy. This has resulted in several banks grappling with NPAs.

We have to see what RBI has to say on this.

Read the Andhra Jyothy report HERE.


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