Amaravati – Seemandhra Capital ?

It is almost confirmed that Amaravati will be the new capital of residuary Andhra Pradesh.  It is also learnt from reliable people who are in the know of things that an entire Capital region is being planned which is futuristic and can take care of future growth and development needs.

Here is how the capital region will look like.
Andhra Capital Region
What seems to have clinched the debate in favour of Amaravati is
  • On the banks of Krishna and hence not water scarce.
  • 1st Andhra capital in history (of Satavaahana’s) almost 2000 yrs back
  • Availability of around 20,000 acres of government land in different parcels within the above region
  • Proximity to Guntur( 30 kms) and Vijayawada (presently 50 kms but this will reduce to 30 kms after a new bridge on Krishna)
  • Lower land acquisition costs as compared to Mangalagiri on Vijayawada -Guntur highway.
  • Donakonda seems to have lost the race after the government decided to earmark 54,000 acres of already available land at Donakonda for future industrial needs. This will help the government to offer land almost overnight as and when there is any demand from industry without any need for new land acquisition.
Now these are the new infrastructure development plans around Amaravati.
Road network
  • A bypass to National highway 5( bypassing both Vijayawada and Guntur) connecting Amaravati.
  • 12 lane road connecting Vijayawada – Guntur ( from somewhere close to the Nagarjuna University) to Amaravati.
  • A new Donakonda – Amaravati road for easier access from Rayalaseema.
New Bridges on Krishna
  • First bridge connecting Gollapudi near Vijayawada to Mangalagiri
  • 2nd Bridge connecting Amaravati to Kanchikacherla (As part of the bypass to NH5). This is being planned as a road cum railway bridge so that Amaravati can be connected to Howrah – Chennai railway line.
  • 3rd Bridge connecting Achhampet to Nandigama. ( This will again connect to the present Vijayawada – Hyderabad road)
Plans for Amaravati
  • The capital at Amaravati will be a water facing capital on both sides of River Krishna.
  • Since the government wants to limit land acquisition, the residential and commercial areas of the capital will be a high rise zone. ( Except for the administrative areas like the Assembly, Secretariat, government offices and ministers bungalows etc)
Other infrastructure
  • New Railway station at Amaravati with a new railway line connecting Guntur and Gannavaram. This will run parallel to the new NH5 bypass.
  • A new international airport near Mylavaram adjacent to the bypass. Governemnt is said to have already earmarked 5000 acres which is 30kms from Amaravati on the way to Gannavaram.
  • AIIMS near Nagarjuna university
  • Agricultural university near LAM on Guntur – Amaravati road
  • NIFT in Vijayawada.

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